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25 Things About Me

I thought I could avoid the fate of being tagged…… I could have chosen to ignore this. But I chose to go with the flow. Since I have some free time.

1. I am married, just in case you do not know. And I am married to my first love. Some said I missed out a lot of fun being with other men. Well, guess I know what’s best for myself.

2. I like reading books/novel, thriller/mystery especially. As the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover. It is indeed very true. Soaking myself in the bookstores have definitely taught me not to judge a book by its cover. Holding tight to that saying, I managed to find some good reads which others could have tossed away by looking at the covers.

3. I studied Business Management and chartered company secretarial, but I ended up with a HR job.

4. I love my job, but I am desperately hoping for a change.

5. I don’t cry easily in front of public. When I do, it must be something that is hurting/happy enough to make me teary. But I do cry a lot when I watch movies!!! Hahaha. Contradict huh…… In Standard 4, I cried when my best buddy in primary school got angry with me for something, she said “you think I’d be scared when you cry?!” That’s the moment I woke up and told myself “never ever cry again in front of someone”.

6. I love travelling, be it locally or over-the-seas. I’ve decided I should see more of Malaysia before I could proudly go to other countries and tell them how lovely Malaysia is (excluding all those political dramas). It is to sad to know that some people don’t even want to take the chance to travel here in Malaysia yet they’re dreaming to travel the world. How sad……

7. I used to be a very shy person in front of strangers. Now now now…… My new-found friends said I am crazy and talkative. Over the years, I’ve become more and more open to making new friends. I used to be very contented with having 1 or 2 close friends. Something happened and I realised I had too few friends to turn to and I couldn’t breathe anymore. I changed, from a person who did not like to be around with lots of people, to someone who initiates talks and loves meeting new friends. I am happier than ever.

8. I am stubborn, very. I always fight till the end and sometimes I got myself hurt badly. I’m still learning how not to be so stubborn. It’s hard. I just hope that those around me would forgive me when I hurt them. Asking for forgiveness is never easy for me.

9. I love blogging if you don’t already know. Hahaha.

10. My blog’s name is called Fish Avenue. Lots of people have been scratching their heads. I don’t really like fishes that much. It’s all because of my husband! Saw his Streamyx ID as Fish Avenue while I was registering for a blog account. I was lazy to think of the name and so I copied his ID. Hahaha. Fish Avenue, it just simply rhymes with the Fifth Avenue in NYC. That’s all.

11. Photography has always been in my blood. I finally have the chance to make it as my hobby, bought a DSLR last year. Daddy was happy that I could finally inherit some of his lenses. Too bad, they don’t fit the diameter of my camera!!! Both of us were equally disappointed back then. Hahaha.

12. I wanted to be a teacher. In fact, I still want to be a teacher. It’s not the children that I love, it’s the teaching part. I love to teach. I feel so proud when the person gets to learn something. Guess teaching is in my blood too. Grandpa was an art teacher, grandma was a primary school teacher and mom used to teach for a short period of time. And now my younger sis is a full-time teacher. Ha!

13. I was born in April Fool’s day! Yes yes yes…… Go on and laugh. The nurse in the hospital told my daddy confidently that this must be a boy! There I was, a girl! My daddy thought the nurse was joking with him until he saw me and confirmed… *ahem* Out of disappointment, he gave me a name that was supposed to be used “IF” I were a boy. Hahaha. Yep, my chinese name is a bit boyish. I ain’t gonna tell you about it here.

14. I love fastfood!!! Especially McDonald’s. I like Nando’s too, and KFC, Pizza Hut. I love that MOS burger too in Singapore! Gosh, I miss it so much.

15. Bak kut teh is also my favorite. I used to have it every week!

16. I am a shopaholic. It doesn’t matter whether I buy or not, I just love shopping.

17. Jenny Sun is my idol. Hahaha. I so admire her works. Her photos are never boring.

18. I can’t live without my concealer and mascara!!! I have serious dark under eye circles and I have short and thin eye lashes. In order not to scare people on the street, I have to put on at least my concealer. My husband once said I could join the pandas care center in China, not as a caretaker, but as a panda. Hahaha.

19. I love myself. Hehehe. I love myself a lot. I know I am not pretty, but I just love myself and love being myself.

20. I am totally spoiled by my husband. And I love that. Hahaha. Of course at times he would be mean to me, but guess that was when I really went overboard.

21. I am a nagging person. I nag a lot, I mean a lot. Ask any of my friends and they would tell you that it’s true. Hahaha. I know I shouldn’t be so naggy, but sometimes I just do it without knowing it. I’ve tried not to nag so much, I am trying very hard to control ok…… :p

22. I have bad temper. My temper comes and goes. I may get angry with you this very minute, but the next very minute I could have forgotten about it and all happy talking to you again. Hehehe. Good or bad? I don’t know.

23. I can’t swim. I love the sea, I’d love to swim, but I can’t. I have the chance to learn, but I am just too lazy!!!

24. I have a superb mother- and father-in-law. They are very easy-going persons. Guess I sometimes take things for granted.

25. My parents are still a pair of love birds. They are still very much in love. Seeing them can sometimes let us believe that love truly never dies and true love does exist. I hope I have found mine.

I’ve finally finished this 25 thingy. So tired……


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