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Dinner With Friends. Fun.

With this new template for my blog, I wonder why I can’t see the fishes at the top left hand corner in this computer. Hmm…… Stupid Blogger.

Finally I got some photos from Vivian, shared in her Facebook.
Five of us went to Taman Megah last Friday to have dinner. Crazy isn’t it? Hahaha. It was decided last minute on Friday afternoon. It was rare for Melissa to come KL on a weekday. So all of us made an effort to go and meet her and have dinner together. I was so happy that finally all of us could make it together. I couldn’t believe that all of us really made such an effort to meet each other. With the distance in mind, some could definitely have said no.

After the dinner, Nicole’s hubby sent me back home all the way to Setapak. It was Nicole’s hospitality that I couldn’t reject, she insisted to send me back home! Hahaha.

I was so tired last Friday, it was 11.15pm when I reached home, I companied Andrew to go for supper. He was waiting for me to go home to eat with him.

Really happy that we met and had fun together.

From left to right: Melissa, myself, Wan Yi, Vivian, Nicole.

Surprisingly all of us wore different colours!


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