Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Crazy With Shopping

On Thursday, I went to Topshop KLCC, first day of sales. Didn’t get anything. Nothing much and the dresses I tried on, didn’t fit me well. They are either too short or too loose. Met up with Phoebe too. We went to La Senza together as LS is having sales too. We didn’t know that on the first day of LS sales, members get additional 10% off and another 10% off for Citibank cardholder! So, it was additional 20% off on all sales item!!! We didn’t buy anything too as the queue for cashier was so long. We gave up on buying and went for dinner.

Friday was first day of Isetan 3-day members special. I went KLCC again, with Berry and Phoebe. Bought a new limited-edition blusher and concealer from Clinique, and bought the UV make-up base from Shu Uemura. I didn’t buy anything extra to get all the free gifts. I must not spend unnecessary, and I’m glad I could refrain myself from buying. 3 of us had dinner at KFC. It’s been quite a while didn’t catch up with Berry. So, we chit chat for quite some time there in KFC. 3 of us, laughing and talking so loud in KFC! Reminds me of my old school days.

Saturday morning went to Megan Phoenix Business Centre in Cheras for UBS Payroll – New STD Formula workshop. I didn’t have any clue of how to get there, just know that it is near to Leisure Mall in Cheras. So kind of Andrew who was actually working, to sacrifice his 1-hour break and sent me there. The workshop was good, took about 2 hours only. 12pm, SMS-ed Nicole that I’d be going to her gown-fitting session with her bridal studio in SS2. Nicole told me she was heading to KLCC and asked if I would like to go there to meet her first. Gosh, went to KLCC 3 days in a row!!! Nicole finally bought her quilt cover set, which came with a free quilt! Worth every penny.

We then went to SS2 to have our lunch, waiting for Wan Yi to join us. But Wan Yi was no where to be seen. She was stucked in the jam at LDP. Hahaha. We went to the bridal studio then, and Wan Yi joined us at around 4pm. The white gown that Nicole chose was so beautiful. We finally get to see Nicole’s pre-wedding photos. They are so nice and yet she’s been telling us that they’re not nice!

6pm, Nicole’s hubby dropped Wan Yi and me in Mid Valley Megamall. Both of us wanted to go shopping. Went to Topshop, nothing to buy too. I was so tempted to buy bras again when I was in La Senza. Luckily Wan Yi was with me, she kept telling me “you got enough bras already!” Hahaha. She said I’m like her mom, and now she’s the one that always nags like my mom. Hahahahahaha……

Hubby came picked me up around 9pm, I left Wan Yi alone in the mall to wait for her hubby. Felt so guilty to leave a small girl in the mall alone. LOL. She would kill me that I said she’s a small girl. To me, she is a small girl still. She is always fun and bubbly, always said some silly things that would make you laugh.

On my lappie after shower, played a while in Pet Society, checked my FB, chatting with Adeline, blogging…… It’s late now, 3.45am!!! Or should I say it’s early now? Hahaha.

Good night.


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