Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Saint Patrick’s Day

During dinner, god-knows-why Andrew moved the date on his Sony Ericsson one day forward, the screen-saver now shows a 4-leafed clover. Andrew showed me and I was shocked. That thing looked familiar but I couldn’t figure out what day it is.

When I got home, on my lappie, saw Wan Yi was online. I was in the Pet Society (of Facebook), saw Wan Yi’s pet was wearing all green! Another friend’s pet was in green too and with a little 3-leafed clover on the wrist. I asked Wan Yi, finally. She told me it’s shamrock, and that today is St. Patrick’s Day! I have totally forgotten about it and I used to play around with my friends’ photos in Facebook, put on the green dressings on them!

To everyone whether celebrating it or not, Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

It once again proved the intelligence of SE handphone.


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