Dreams Come True

I am happy now. Happy, extremely happy.

iPhone or Nokia N96, I no longer need to dream of having them. I am owning one of them, soon!!! Hahahahahaha…… Sorry, I just couldn’t get rid of that smile on my face.

Yesterday went to Pavilion with Mel and Wan Yi. We chat and ate a lot!!! 1pm had our lunch at TGIF and 4pm we had our afternoon tea at Old Town Signature cafe. Wan Yi definitely has a bigger stomach than us. LOL. Both of them went back at 5pm and I went to KLCC with Andrew.

In fact, on Thursday night we already went to check on the phone. It all started with Andrew showing me the walkthrough video on Wednesday. He is so evil! After seeing the real thing, gosh…… I wouldn’t want anything else! I was thinking, either I was going to save money and get that or I was never going to change my handphone.

We saw this advertisement board in KLCC, in support of the Earth Hour on 28th March, from 8.30pm to 9.30pm, purchase RM1000 and above in the mall, stand a chance to get a pair of free Grandstand tickets to Sepang F1!!! That’s it. Everything was destined. If we get the phone and be the first 15 to go to the concierge counter, we get 2 F1 tickets!!! Andrew so wanted to go to the F1 and now we had the chance to get a Grandstand ticket!

So, Andrew got me this iPhone! In order to get the F1 tickets, we had to make the purchase from 8.30pm onwards. 8pm we were already in the Machines store, the Maxis guy there told us we couldn’t purchase the iPhone as the system was slow and they needed time to check my record and all other things. I was a bit pissed, Andrew kept telling him to check now. Finally, he managed to call Maxis and checked for us. Yes, we could make the payment on 8.30pm, luckily. After everything, we only got the receipt at 8.40pm!!! Andrew ran all the way down to concourse level to get the F1 tickets.

When I saw him with an umbrella 15 minutes later. I thought “damn, we couldn’t get the tickets”. Almost! He got it! He was the last one, the 15th customer! He was so pissed with the exchanging tickets part. Obviously, some guy cut the queue just because he was there earlier and his receipt was faulty and went back to the shop to get a better one, now he came back and cut right in front of Andrew. The concierge told Andrew no more tickets left, asked him to queue at the other side for the umbrella. He showed his pissed face to that concierge, that’s what Andrew told me! Andrew would never show faces to people unless he is really really angry or pissed. Hahaha. Then, miracle happened. The concierge told him there was a pair left and he was the last customer! Gosh, were we lucky or were we not?!

Got the iPhone plus the F1 Grandstand tickets, we’re so happy. But I do not have the iPhone with me now, gotta wait for the port-in and approval from DiGi, going to take 2 or 3 working days. It is so funny that at that point of time, iPhone wasn’t our main concern. We were more interested in getting that F1 tickets! Luckily we got the tickets, or else that Maxis guy in Machines is going to laugh at us.

Andrew said if we were to calculate the monetary gain, we actually bought the iPhone at RM1290 only, because that pair of F1 tickets cost RM1000. Which is true, if I were to sell that tickets to someone else, I’d get RM1000. Andrew told me he is fine if I wanted to sell the tickets to someone, even at a discounted price. NO NO NO!!! It was so difficult to get them for free and I am so NOT going to sell them! This would be my first time to Sepang F1 circuit to watch F1 live, and it’s a Grandstand ticket! I wouldn’t trade that experience for RM1000 cash. Well, unless someone wants to buy them at a much higher price. Hahahahahaha……

There’s another reason we wanted to buy the iPhone from Machines instead of from Maxis. We get to become the member of Machines, get rebate vouchers everytime we purchase from them and it’s easier for us if we have any problem in the future. Next thing to buy from Machines would be the iPhone casing.

Lots of people told me that iPhone isn’t exactly as good as it seems. A lot have told me that their friends and themselves who own an iPhone now would like to throw that phone away after 2 months of using it. Well, guess it is our own personal experience. When we like something or someone, we will still go ahead despite of what others told us. The same happened to Phoebe when I told her HTC Diamond is not stable and yet she went ahead with her decision ’cause she likes that phone. Now, I truly love iPhone. Looking at the price of RM2000 plus, between iPhone and Nokia N96, which one will you choose? Of course I’d choose iPhone since now it’s available in Malaysia now with unlock version.

Well, I’ve been a DiGi user since year 1999. People has also been telling me that DiGi isn’t the best network, but I chose to be loyal to it. Can’t believe that I have to say bye-bye to DiGi soon. Now, can you see how “powerful” iPhone is? Hahaha.

The free F1 tickets and the Machines membership card.

Click here to watch the iPhone tour.

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