iPhone MY Life

Got my iPhone!!! Yeah!

It works fine, only the typing part is a bit troublesome, need some time to get used to.

Ish!!! Used iPhone to type the first 2 paragraphs, failed to publish!!! Now back to using my lappie.

There was some small drama when I collected the phone just now. When I was right in front of KLCC, someone from Machines called me and told me I couldn’t get the phone tonight! WHAT?! I still remember when I asked her if I could collect it tonight and she replied “why not?” She said due to the server problem, they couldn’t see the update eventhough Maxis has approved and activated my line. WTH!!! I told her to at least release the SIM card to me as I didn’t on my phone for one whole day and who knows someone could have SMS me and I couldn’t reply. Finally, she called again and told me I could collect it. *Phew*

There I was in the Machines store, collecting my iPhone. We were there choosing the casing for the phone. That 2 sales assistant were with us for an hour!!! Yep, getting an iPhone casing is bloody more difficult than getting a dress for myself!

Time’s up. Gotta play with my new toy now…… Hahahaha……

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