Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

29th Birthday

A year younger, a year wiser. Hahaha. Can’t believe that I’m close to 30!!! ARGH!

I am April Fool’s baby. People used to say that I joked with them, they used to request to see my identification card. Guess nowadays as I grow older, people no longer asking me to do that. Why would someone lie about their birth date, right?

Years ago, I spent my birthday here in KL with Andrew. It was a lonely birthday, very lonely indeed. I have told myself I would not want to celebrate birthday alone anymore. Then, every year I’d go back to hometown to celebrate with family. Last year, as my birthday fell on a weekday, Phoebe and Andrew had a surprise birthday for me. That was really sweet of them. Too bad that Phoebe lost all the photos.

This year, I did not expect any celebration. I even nearly forgot that my birthday was near. All I could remember was all the tasks that are having deadline on 31st March. It was when Andrew mentioned it then only I realised 1st April was coming soon. On last Saturday, met up with Wan Yi and Melissa, again they reminded me of 1st April.

Finally the day has come. I was still working yesterday. A few have asked me why I didn’t take leave. Well, Andrew was working. If I took leave I’d be staying at home or shopping alone. So, why waste it. Went to Sheraton Imperial for dinner, with Andrew and Phoebe.

We wanted to have Dim Sum, but they don’t serve dim sum for dinner. So we ordered the a-la-carte from the menu. The food was ok, but the price was a killer! Well, restaurant in a hotel, what do you expect. Hahaha. We were chit-chatting for quite a long time in the restaurant, playing around with my iPhone and Phoebe’s HTC Diamond. Hahaha.

No cake, no birthday song…… Just a dinner with my loved ones. Guess that is enough. :)
Anyway, I’m going back hometown next week, shall be having a great one with family.

Ok, reading this blog post, I find that I do not know what I’m writing about. Hahaha. I’m so tired and Wan Yi insisted me to update my blog!!! I’m sleepy too. Had a bad and tough day today. Do not wish to describe it, it’s already passed, just let it be.

Alright! It’s all gibberish now. I’d better stop before it gets worse. Waiting for Andrew’s brother to come pick us up, going back to Terengganu…… @_@ Sleepyyyy……


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