iPhone Review #1

After 2 weeks of using iPhone, I am now so in love with it. It’s worth every penny I spent.

Previously, some people told me iPhone isn’t all that nice and there’s no great value for the amount of money spent on it. Well, I paid RM2290 for a 16GB iPhone, compared to the Nokia N96 which costs RM2999 (retail price for an original phone, not AP phone), I’d say RM2290 is money well spent.

I love its big screen. Love the display of the applications that I do not have to scroll through each of them. I can download any application directly to my iPhone without having the hassle to connect it to the PC. With the USB connection, I can connect to any PC without installing any software like what I’ve seen with other handphones. I can recharge my iPhone whenever it’s connected to the PC. I can delete the applications with just one touch, I do not need to connect it to the PC to remove them. And I could reinstall them from the App Store without any hassle. It automatically checks update for the application. There are so many free games and applications. I can keep track of all the SMS-es from the same contact in one page. Accessing emails from handphone has never been so user-friendly. Web-surfing on iPhone is so easy. iPhone isn’t a camera phone, but surprisingly the photos quality are quite good. Video qualtiy on iPhone is of course stunning. I’ve synced some of the photos taken by my DSLR to the iPhone, gosh… They look better than how they look on PC!!!

Ok ok… Enough of praising the iPhone. Of course, every handphone has its good and bad. The first “bad” of iPhone is, the battery doesn’t last long if the 3G is on. Last week I had to recharge the phone almost every day as I was on 3G pretty often then.

Then, it’s the trouble of pressing the home button after I’m done with the games. There’s no such option saying “Exit Game”. There were a few times it hanged for a few seconds before the home screen appeared.

iPhone uses iTunes to sync. You have to download the iTunes application to your PC. Everytime syncing the iPhone with the iTunes on the PC, I have to to make sure I checkmark all the applications and photos I had previously synced. If I didn’t check them, the applications will be deleted from the iPhone!!! Gosh.

Last Saturday, I experienced my first “iPhone crisis”!!! Alright, I know I exaggerated a little bit. Okay, I did exaggerate. Hahaha. What happened was, all of the sudden I couldn’t access to all the applications I installed! After I “touched” them, it kicked me back to the home screen again. Lucky thing is, all other applications came with the phone still work. Only those I downloaded and installed later couldn’t function well. Had to sync them to the PC to remove them from the phone and sync them back again. Geez……

Now it is the converting part that irritates me. God knows why my lappie couldn’t convert the song to a ringtone for iPhone! It only works on Andrew’s lappie. Also, couldn’t convert the format of the videos on my lappie too!!! ARGH! iPhone bullies my lappie. :( Probably it’s because my lappie runs on Windows Vista.

Despite those few bugs, iPhone still serves me well. I still love it. Especially the Facebook application!!! I can upload photo to Facebook anytime anywhere. Hahaha.

Now Andrew and I are all crazy about this tap tap game called Tap Tap Revenge 2. Hahaha. The wonder of it is, 2 players can play at the same time!!! When 2 of us were on the game, both my sister and father were laughing at us. 2 of us looked indeed silly tapping on a phone like some maniac! Wuahahahaha.

iPhone rocks!!!

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