Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Knowing Nicolas Cage

Went to watch “Knowing” last night with Andrew. I insisted to watch it as his friend told us it’s a MUST watch and he even watched it twice. I rushed out from the office at 6pm and Andrew came pick me up to KLCC. We were at TGV 6.15pm, the show started at 6.15pm too! Andrew went to queue for tickets and I went to buy some popcorn. It was already 6.30pm when we were right in the cinema, the movie already started for 5 minutes or so.

Nicolas Cage looks so old! Can’t believe that charming rugged man in Con Air has become this OLD.

The movie was fine at the beginning. The whole thing was so mysteriously plotted, made us wonder if it was the act of god, the ghost, the destiny or the human. After 45 minutes, it started to get a bit boring and you could kind of predict what was going to happen next. The ending of it, geez…… I must agree it was well out of our expectation. But it was disappointing!!! The boy and the girl running on some place that looks like heaven??? What the…… I don’t get it. It would have been better if they were being frozen by the aliens (yes, you read me right, ALIEN) to preserve them and return them to the earth after the superflare (okay, that’s what he mentioned in the movie). I find the ending a bit ridiculous and funny. I was asking Andrew, “huh? That’s it? Are they in heaven? What? Adam and Eve?”

Compared to War Of The Worlds, starring Tom Cuirse, Knowing is just so so so disappointing. A good story with a lousy ending. Wasted. This is the second knowing-the-future movie that Nicolas Cage starred in. The first one was Next. Both movies failed to impress miserably.

Argh! Should have listened to Andrew and watch Fast & Furious 4. Hahahaha. Well, tonight we’re going to watch that. Hahahaha.

P/S: I wonder why Andrew’s friend thinks it’s a MUST watch…… @__@


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