First Time

Everything has its first time.

During a visit to a friend during Chinese New Year, my mouth was faster than my brain, I offered help to my friends. To take photos for them during their wedding! My friend was quite reluctant, he was worrying I’d be very tired. One month later, he asked me if I could take photos during his wedding! Gosh…… First, I felt flattered. Then, I felt honoured. After a while, I felt worried. Now, I feel pressured. LOL! That is his once in a lifetime moment, what if I messed it up?

So nice of my friend to comfort me that he trusts me and he has faith in me. Oh my… That makes me feel even more pressured. @__@

Well…… Perhaps I couldn’t do a good job like those professional photographers do, but I’m going to do my very best. Both the bride and the groom are my friends, am going to bring out the best in them.

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