Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

China Earthquake 2008. One Year Anniversary.

A year ago, 12th May 2008, a richter scale of 7.8 earthquake happened in Wen Chuan, China. It was only 2 days later that the help managed to get into the town of Wen Chuan. The first rescued team travelled on foot for 1 day 1 night in order to get in there.

Can’t believe it is a year from now. I am now watching this documentary on 8TV about the rescue and incidents happened there and then. I still cried. Children who lost their lives, they were still so small and young. There were even children who had to sacrifice their limbs in order to survive! Children who lost their parents, became orphan in one night. Parents who lost their children, what’s left is only their school bags and memories. Gosh…… I just feel so sad now.

Can’t stop crying watching it…… :(

A man under the concrete said, “I must be strong, I have to be strong, I can’t disappoint those who love me, my wife is waiting for me. I need to survive.”

They finally got him out after 7 hours of rescue. But he didn’t make it. He hang on till the very last minute to get out but he didn’t make it…… He was exhausted and the pain was too much…… He didn’t make it……


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