Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner


I realised I didn’t blog since Sunday! And worst is, blogging was completely out of my mind for the past 4 days!!!

Last weekend, I slept late for 3 days consecutively. Or perhaps I should say ‘early’? I slept at 3 or 4 in the morning, either I was playing games or MSN-ing. LOL.

It was Andrew’s birthday on Sunday. I planned to bring him to Italiannies in The Gardens, heard they have nice lamb and Andrew loves lamb. When we were right there in Mid Valley Megamall, Andrew told me “I feel like having some Japanese food”! Gosh! I asked if he doesn’t want the lamb anymore and I’d be buying. He insisted he wanted Japanese, he wanted to have RICE! Now I know man can also change their mind very fast. He put it in a nice way though, “well, I just saved you some money, you know.” Yeah yeah, right! And next time we go Italiannies, he would be the one buying!

We went to Kiku Zakura. In fact, I love Kiku Zakura and when Andrew suggested it, I was kind of yelling hooray inside my little head. LOL! The serving is big and yet it’s delicious. I love the way they display the food in the tray. It’s all about presentation and precision. The last time we went, one of the girls mixed up the arrangement of the food and the branch manager saw. She came to our table to re-arrange it in correct order! Can you believe that?! To them, details and presentation is very important.

Andrew ordered a chicken teriyaki, that was so expected of him. He will always have chicken teriyaki! And me, ordered the tempura set. That was also expected of me! Hahaha. I love their tempura set! We also ordered a chawanmushi since two of us are the egg-lover. I was so full from the tempura set. The total bill came up to RM72++ for two of us. Well, it is quite expensive. But once in a while, guess it’s still fine. And I actually expected to spend RM100 and above in Italiannies early of the day. Hehehe.

Andrew’s chicken teriyaki.

My yummy tempura set!

Look at the tempura… ooohhhh……

We wanted to go for a movie, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Checked out the counter, surprisingly not a big crowd. Okay, I must admit I was shocked when Andrew told me the ticket costs RM12 per person! OMFG! I quickly grabbed his arm and fled the scene. Hahaha. It’s not worth it to watch a movie at RM12. Alright, it’s a good movie. But still, RM12 is just too much. We could just choose to watch it on any other day then. Since Andrew’s off today, I told him we might as well watch it in TGV KLCC today. Though the ticket price for Wolverine is higher for this 2 weeks, to watch it on Wednesday it only costs RM7 per person. Ended up we did some window-shopping and went to New Zealand Cafe for some ice-cream.

I didn’t buy any present for Andrew for his birthday. I seriously do not know what to buy for him. Suddenly I just feel that all the things that money can buy just can’t show how much my love for him. I could buy him the PS3, but I didn’t want to. Buying PS3 for him is like digging my own grave. Hahahaha. I’ve got him a watch 2 years back, got him a wallet last year (I think), got him clothes…… I really don’t know what I should get him now. Andrew said owe him for this year, next year only buy him the PS3! Goodness… Looks like digging-my-own-grave is inevitable. T__T

Does time really have wings and fly?! Time is no longer passing by, it is FLYING extremely fast!!! It is now first week of May 2009! Almost middle of the year! What? I still felt that Chinese New Year was only last month. We were still saying that my friend’s wedding in May was still a long way to go, and now it is next week!

God please give me the strength to FLY with the time…… Or at least do not leave me far behind the time.


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