iPhone Review #2

My first review on iPhone was about a month ago. Now, one month after using my iPhone, what I would say is, it is still a great phone in all aspect. I bet a lot of people out there may not agree with me. But there are also people out there who would be nodding their heads when they read this. :)

Now, let’s look at the flaws of iPhone 3G. Yep, I would say it does have flaws too. And I chose to use the word “flaws”, because I believe that the Apple people must be working hard to improve this gadget. Therefore, all the flaws will be improved and fixed.

I can’t receive nor send MMS via my iPhone 3G. Whenever I received a MMS, I have to log in to the Maxis website to view the MMS. Hassle huh? Well, the iPhone 3G now is of version 2.1. There’s a new version (OS 3.0) coming up soon, hopefully by June. It will solve the MMS flaw then.

I can’t make video calls. Wait a minute, I can make a video call, but the other party wouldn’t be able to see me as there is no camera on the front of the phone! That is something that could not be fixed by simply downloading a software. Unless they have a new iPhone with frontage camera.

Someone asked me if I could delete my SMS one by one. No, I can’t. The SMSes sent to/from the same person, are stored in way of conversation dialogue. It’s either you clear the whole conversation or delete all the SMSes. If there is only one particular SMS that you would like to keep, sorry, you still have to keep the whole conversation. I wonder if the OS 3.0 could improve that.

Also, copy and paste function is currently not available in iPhone. That is particularly irritating when it comes to chatting in MSN with your friends, blogging, or trying to copy a website address to some other place. Good news is, OS 3.0 is going to fix that! :)

Everytime I plug in the USB to my computer, the damn syncing process starts automatically! And it takes bloody long time to sync and backup. When the syncing is in progress, I couldn’t do anything to the iPhone! Unless I cancel the syncing.

Okay, one major flaw is that, I can’t record video with iPhone!!! That is a bit disappointing. Unless you do a jailbreak on it, else you can’t record any video! Heard that there’s going to be a new iPhone come this June and Apple may improve on iPhone’s camera and possibility of video recording. Read it here.

Recently I noticed my iPhone is slower in responding time. Getting into the SMS screen is like 2 seconds slower, getting out of a game screen also took about 2 seconds now. Perhaps I’ve downloaded and installed too many applications. But that shouldn’t be the cause of it since iPhone is famous for its applications. Probably it’s the bugs of respective applications.

The good thing about iPhone 3G guess I’ve said enough in the previous review. There’s one more interesting thing about this phone, it’s the accelerometer. Nowadays most of the smartphones are having this accelerometer, such as HTC. I can now play bowling like real, swing and release. :)

Another good thing is the battery recharging. I can plug in to any PC for recharging without installing any complicated software. I know Nokia can’t do that, wondering if Blackberry Storm can do that. :p The USB cable is much lighter than bringing the whole plug out and having the troubles to find an electrical output. And if you happened to plug in your laptop for that one and only electrical output you could find, the USB way of recharging is definitely what you’d wish for.

The camera of the current iPhone 3G is only 2mp. But I would say that it is performing well. I’ve seen people showing me their 3.2mp camera phones, the quality? Oopsie, worse than my iPhone 2mp camera! LOL! I ain’t gonna tell you what 3.2mp camera phone they are. You go compare and find out. I guess sometimes you can’t just judge the quality of the photo by looking at the megapixels of the camera phone. You have to look at other aspects too, such as the manufacturer, the technology……

I wonder why Apple is not giving the best to the iPhone. I mean, the camera could have been 3.2mp or maybe even 5mp. All those flaws that I’ve mentioned above could have been easily detected and improved on when they developed it, instead of launching a lower spec model and provides upgrade later. And now with the rumours everywhere saying that there’s going to be a new model of iPhone 3G coming this June. The public might just stop buying the current model then, like what Andrew is doing now. Hmm…… Guess that’s what people always said, you can’t have the best of both worlds without paying the price.

Anyway, iPhone still rocks. I love it, still.

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