Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner


It is only a week away from my friends’ wedding. Well, you may notice I used plural for friends’ wedding. Because both the groom-to-be and bride-to-be are my friends. In fact, we were class mates. Two of them even sat behind me for whole 2 years in school. Their love for each other only started to blossom when we were in Form 5. Gosh, they have been together for 11 years!!! Glad that they are finally tying the knots together.

I am a bit nervous now. Okay, not a bit, very nervous. For the past one week, whenever I have the free time, I would be thinking how I could take good photos for them on their wedding day. It’s going to be a busy and hassling day, everything would just move so fast that I am afraid I may not be quick enough to click the shutter button. Or worse, everything comes out blur!!! I’ve been through it, I know how fast (and furious, LOL!) everything moves on a wedding day. I just hope that I would not mess everything up. Fingers crossed!

Other than that, I’ve received a few requests for the free portraits sessions. So glad that I’ve got a few of them confirmed the sessions with me. One of them being my school mate too. He would love to let her girlfriend has a personal casual photoshooting session. But I told him both of them could have it together, I’m not so particular on the number of persons. It’s all about having fun together. :) I am now looking for ideas on what kind of photoshoot will be suitable for them. Anxious!

There’s one more friend who has not confirmed the date with me. She would like to have a photoshoot with some of her friends together. Wonder if she is serious about it.

I am now so nervous with all the photoshooting sessions. God, please give me strength that I do not screw up! LOL!


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