Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Star Trek

I’ve never been a fan of Star Trek, but I know a lot of people are crazy about it. I’ve watched a few episodes of the drama series, but I was so lost! I did not know what the story is about, did not know the characters and everything in it seemed so weird and bizarre to me. I quit following it.

It was last month when Andrew and I went for a movie and we saw this Star Trek Movie trailer. Geez, it looked awesome! Okay, we decided when the movie is out and we must watch it.

I was so tired and sleepy yesterday. Wanted to go home to rest after work. I even turned down a shopping trip with Phoebe. I just do not have the desire for shopping now. Weird huh? A once impulsive buy-anything-that-she-likes shopaholic does not have the desire to shop anymore! That is good news to me and Andrew, bad news to the shopping malls. LOL.

I was craving for Nandos. Told Andrew I would want to have Nandos for dinner and he was ok. Well, Andrew doesn’t like Nandos, he prefers Kenny Rogers. On the other hand, I hate Kenny Rogers. Hahahaha. Last night he compromised, we had Nandos. After a full and satisfactory diiner, we went to the cinema to check if there’s any interesting movie. Andrew suggesting to watch Sniper (Hong Kong film). I said I was tired, let’s watch it some other day. Then…… “Star Trek is on!!!” Andrew said suddenly. My eyes straight went from sleepy to wide-open! Hahahaha. Star Trek it is! Let’s queue! LOL! Fortunately, there wasn’t any crowds! We were the first in the line.

We were 5 minutes late for the 8pm movie. Anyway, we still bought the tickets. Luckily, the show had not started yet when we went in.

Oooohhhh…… It is a great movie. Fun, sad, exciting, hilarious, actions-packed, eyes-opening…… Nice!

I was surprised when I saw this man! Sylar!!! Sylar from Heroes is Spock in Star Trek! My goodness, when did he become this charming? Hahahaha. It took me a little while to get used to seeing him acting all good and Mr. Nice Guy. There is Chris Pine too. I only recognised him when I got home and saw The Princess Diaries 2 on the TV. I asked Andrew if they were the same guy and the answer is affirmative. HA! What a coincidence. He looked so boyish in The Princess Diaries but looks so macho in Star Trek. There’s a few familiar faces as well.

Well, Star Trek is a nice movie. Go watch it and soak yourselves in the suddenly-all-seems-so-possible space. I bet there will be some sequels coming up soon, real soon……


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