Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Back In Action

My goodness, it was only last Friday I said I could finally refrain myself from buying unnecessarily. Today the shopaholic in me was totally unleashed!!!

Woke up around 11.30am this morning, immediately I heard the SMS ringtone. Picked up my phone, and it was Phoebe saying let her know if I would like to go out today. Yesterday was so hot and I was home all day. I wouldn’t want to stay home today again. Replied Phoebe that I wanted to go Mid Valley, didn’t receive any reply from for half an hour. Till after I shower, on my lappie and she was on MSN. Gosh, she did not receive my SMS. Anyway, we were going to Mid Valley. I just wanted to get out of this warm hole, and also to have a glass of herbal tea there.

We were basically roaming around in Mid Valley. Nothing specific to buy. Topshop, Miss Selfridge and Dorothy Perkins are having sales. We went to all three of them and I only managed to get a pair of black hosiery from Topshop. Guess what, originally it was RM39. I got the 20% discount voucher due to me shopped in Topshop during my birthday month which was last month and another 10% discount for members. I guessed the cashier punched it wrongly, instead of 20% discount, I got RM25 discount!!! I only paid RM10 for the hosiery! What a steal! Sshhh……

Around 3.45pm, we were in Naf Naf. I suggested to go in ’cause I saw the sign “SALE”. I thought the sale items would be those outdated items. Well, the 50% sign were everywhere!!! I was curious, picked up a normal price item and asked the sales girl. She said 50% storewide, from 2pm to 5pm!!! I couldn’t believe it, neither Phoebe believed it. She went on to ask another sales girl. LOL! Confirmed, 50% storewide, 2pm to 5pm, Mother’s Day Special! This is what I told Phoebe, “go grab anything that you want, fast!” Hahahaha…… I grabbed 2 dresses and 2 tops to the fitting room. Phoebe was in the fitting room first, wanted me to look at her dress. I squeezed in with her. Argh… crap… queueing outside might as well we change together. There we were, squeezing in that small fitting room. Hehehe.

Satisfied with the dresses, I bought them! Gosh…… It’s been quite a while I didn’t spend so much on clothes.

Dresses from Naf Naf. Black @ RM99.50. Purple @ RM89.50

After that we went to The Gardens. Gosh, so many of working dresses in Robinsons. But they ain’t cheap, all above RM200. Guess it will be a good place to go if I want to revamp my wardrobe then. LOL! Fat hope. Club Monaco also has a lot of nice dresses…… I was like drooling over every dress of theirs!!! But also like fainting on every price tag of them! Crazy, one dress could easily cost RM700++.

Andrew came pick me up around 6.30pm. He didn’t want to go back to that warm hole too! Off we went to KLCC. 2 shopping complex in one day! Gosh…… Went to check on some Canon lenses. Interested in 2 of them, but their prices are so much different. One being RM1450, one is RM390. Now contemplating which one to get. Need to consult my wallet and my bank account first. LOL!

Okay, enough of my shopping spree. F1 replaying on NTV7, gotta go watch now. Ciao! Oh noooooo…… Tomorrow is Monday!!!


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