Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

No Lunchie

This is the fourth day I skip my lunch. My colleagues have been asking me everyday, “are you on diet?” My answer would always be “no lah!” Everyone thinks I’m on diet!!!

I am not that kind of girl who would skip my meals for the sake of dieting and slimming. I like to eat. The other reason I do not usually skip my meals is because I have a weak stomach. Few years ago I experienced a bad gastrict, for one whole week back then I did not eat proper or solid food. Since then, I’ve been having a smaller stomach. If I ate too much that my stomach can take, I’ll have gastrict. Also, if I do not eat, I’ll have gastrict too. Every now and then my stomach will still give me some trouble.

I skip my lunches just because I am doing detox. I take this organic drink that is supposed to help on cleansing the body. In a way, it also helps on weight reducing. Ok, weight reducing means you get rid of those unwanted toxic in your body and hence your body is lighter. This doesn’t have anything to do with slimmer body shape though. LOL!

I still have my breakfast and dinner. When I get hungry in the afternoon, I normally have a cup of hot Milo or some biscuits.

This isn’t my first time doing detox. I used to do it at night where I skipped my dinner, ’cause Andrew used to work night shifts a lot and I do not like to have dinner alone. Since Andrew is working kind of “normal” now and we have dinner together very often, I can only have my detox in the afternoon.

Why are people so paranoid about me going on diet? Even if I am, what’s so surprise about it? Come on people, diet does not mean I am fat, and diet is not for FAT people only! Don’t be so discriminative please!

P/S: Going back hometown tomorrow afternoon. I am so so so nervous now. Geez, I do not recall me being this nervous for my wedding!!! Now it is other people’s wedding and yet I am more nervous than the couples themselves! Ashley, calm down, you can do this. Have faith!


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