Wedding: Bee Hui & Siau Yang (My First)

This is their first time, and also my first time.

As I mentioned before, I feel honoured to play a part in their wedding. Siau Yang & Bee Hui have been together for the past 11 years. It is a long, long, long time…… Finally, they’re now husband and wife. It’s a long wait!

Both of them are friendly persons…… Erm… How should I put it? They are very easy-going, not those fussy type of people. They’re generous too, and forgiving. LOL. Seems like I am praising them. Nope, I’m not getting anything for saying all the nice things. I guess they do not know I have a blog too. :)

I reached hometown around 4pm, with Phoebe. We didn’t go back home the first thing, we went to Bee Hui’s house. Saw her chatting with her friend, she told us she got nothing else to do anymore. Then, I noticed she didn’t do any manicure. No nail polish, nothing. Fine, she said she wasn’t into that kind of thing. No pedicure done either!!! Okay, that’s it. I insisted to bring her out for manicure and pedicure! LOL! And Phoebe saw Siau Yang’s hair, she suggested him to go for hair cut! Gosh… Both the groom and the bride are just too… fussy-free. Hahahahaha……

The shooting of their wedding was fun! I was tired, no doubt. Climbing high and low, squatting, lying…… Gosh, I’ve never tried doing so many actions in one day! I’ve got a few bruises here and there, especially around my knees. Hahaha. Also, I strained the muscles on my legs. Even until now I could still feel the pain, can hardly squat down now, it’s painful while sitting down as well.

I wouldn’t say that I did very good. I did my best. I just hope I did not disappoint my friends.

In the coming months, guess I shall be upgrading my lens. Geez…… Where to find those money? :(

So sweet of my friends gave me a small token. I was merely helping and didn’t hope to receive anything in return. Guess I shall do an album for them.

My kit lens is having some problem, the auto-focus is not working now…… Gosh…… What should I do with my upcoming assignments?! Money money money……

P/S: Ok, I know I’m bad for not putting up any photos here. Please give me some time, I’m editing a few. Thanks.

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