Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Little Angels

I was reading a friend’s blog and to my surprise, she said a little prayer for me. Okay, perhaps I am being sensitive. No name was mentioned, but I felt that she was referring to me lah. LOL! “Lah”? I think this is the very first time in my blog I used “lah”. Hahahahahaha…… I am so so so Malaysian! Sometimes it’s in our blood that we can’t deny or hide it. :p

Ok Ashley, back to that praying thing please. Back. It was so sweet of her to include friends in her prayers. I felt so touched. I even got teary when I was reading it. For a moment there I felt so lucky to have such a kind-hearted friend. And now I feel guilty too for not making the extra effort in meeting her more often. I feel honoured that she has so much faith in me and she remembers me well. Thank you my dear friend. :)

Most of the times, it is the little angels in disguise around us that make our life a little bit more bearable and beautiful. I am blessed with having many little angels at different stage of my life. Right now, I realised that all my whining and grumbling are silly. I have such a beautiful life and yet I am complaining that it’s not perfect.

Nothing is perfect. So long as it fulfills its purpose, why do we need it perfectly?

I am not from a christianity family, but I do have family members and relatives who are christian. Praying is good. I recalled many years ago I prayed to the Lord once eventhough I’m not a christian, “may my bro-in-law gets well soon”. That was a desperate prayer out of no where. LOL! He didn’t get well, instead he got relieved. :) Geez, I still miss him.

Enough of teary eyes today! Gotta concentrate on something……


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