Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Everything Is Looking Good

No good news from sister. Sigh. She is disappointed as well. But glad that she is ok.

A friend told me about a child abuse case this morning, went on to read it on The Star Online. Pity that little fella. But it’s so touching when he commented that he loves his mom eventhough his mom beats him.

Guess every mother loves their child. It is just sometimes perhaps the life gets so unbearable for them and they tend to take it out on the persons nearest/closest to them. Sigh.

I am so glad that I got another wedding assignment!!! Thanks to a friend who believes in me and given me that opportunity. It’s going to be a buffet style wedding dinner. Bet it’s going to be a glamorous and fun one! Keeping my faith that I can do well.

June is going to be a relaxing month, preparing myself for the busy July.

Finally, I am moving towards my dreams. Should say thank you to Christine who gave me that hard little push. I bet a lot of my friends would be surprised that I am moving into the photography field in such a short time. In fact, not even my parents know that I am so much into it. All they know now is that I have bought a DSLR for my hobby, they do not know I am doing something big.

By the way, I do translation from English to Chinese too. If any of you have that kind of job, do contact me. :)


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