Day Trip To Ipoh

Went to Ipoh last Saturday, with Andrew, Wan Yi with her hubby, and Melissa with her hubby. All 6 of us, 2 cars. It was so much fun. We stopped in Bidor to have the famous duck noodles.

Around 4pm, we reached the hotel that Melissa was staying. Mel and her hubby stayed one night over there, while the rest of us rushed home on the same day after Nicole’s wedding dinner. Andrew’s gotta work the next morning.

The hotel is new, Tower Regency, everything still looks clean and new. Mel got the apartment suite, RM140 per night, with 2 rooms, 3 beds. It was kind of cheap. We went there to refresh ourselves and changed for the dinner later the evening.

The lamp melts!!! Hahaha.

Thanks to Andrew for this nice photo.

Me getting ready for the dinner.

Andrew took this, the view from the hotel.

Finally, the bride.

Thanks to Mel for this lovely photo. :D

Wan Yi and hubby.

Melissa and hubby.

The bride & groom of the day! Nicole looks so beautiful.

We enjoyed the trip and the night a lot, we were having so much fun! Laughing and chatting during the dinner. Hahaha.

P/S: My iPhone crashed yesterday!!! The screen went blank, home button is not working, couldn’t turn off the phone as well. It is only 2 months of using and I swear that I am not a heavy user!!! *Sobs sobs* Gotta send it in for checking tomorrow. My lovely iPhone, life without you is definitely miserably sad and bored.

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