Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner


Last night, watched this special film on TV. I asked Andrew “what is this?” The film, tells us how we, human, are destroying our very own HOME with our own hands in a pace that we now can’t reverse. Oh no, sorry, yes, it says that we can still reverse it, within 10 years that we MUST change the way we live.

10 years…… Do you know how long does it take to grow a tree that is big enough to shade us from the sun? Do you know how long does it take for an iceberg to form? What can we do within such short 10 years? Is the end of the world coming in 10 years time? Now people everywhere are so intensed in fighting the world economic crisis. It’s been a long time I have not heard any of the world leaders mentioning about environmental acts.

Look at the weather now. I don’t remember it was this hot last year this time. Can you believe that our climate and weather changed so dramatically that we can no longer forecast it?

Please do take the time to watch the film, Home.

It is a good one and it will certainly make you thinking deep what you have done that contributed to this clamatic change. And of course, I bet you will do as much as you can to help to save our Mother Earth, our one and only HOME.

Do it for the sake of your own children, for their future.
Imagine this: to bring your own children to this world just to have them to witness a disaster which the parents brought to them. How sad is that.


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