Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Chicken A La Carte

Sometimes unawaringly, we compare ourselves to people around us and we whine, complain and sulk that why our life isn’t as good as others’.

We see people with our bare eyes, we look at them at the surface. But we hardly know what is going on with his or her life. Someone may appear to us as strong and cheerful, but when no one is looking, he or she could be as miserable as anyone else. I’ve seen people wearing all branded and stuffs, but do you know that they have a whole lot of debts to bear? I, may come off as rich or maybe earning pretty well. But do you know that I have a lot of debts too waiting to be paid off? I still appear as optimistic and happy, because that’s what I want others to see me, instead of a sulking and gloomy-face Ashley. In fact, I am happy. It is only occasionally that I need to rant to let go of those frustrations.

Here is a video that one of my colleagues shared with me some time ago. My tears rolled uncontrollably while I was watching it. If you ever feel like your life is miserable and painful, please think again. At least you’re having all the comfort in the world now sitting on a chair and reading my blog.

Please spare some time watching this video, it only takes about 7 minutes of your life to see the life of many suffering souls in this world. You may feel disgusting, but again, that is life. THAT is their life……

Have you seen how the children’s eyes sparkle when they got their new toys? Those sparkles, are nothing compared to those eyes in the film.

I am grateful of what I have now.
I am in debt because I can afford to be in debt.
I am still alive today to walk the earth.


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