Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner


I am now blogging on the bus express! The bus is going so fast! Making it so bumpy and jumpy and shaky and noisy… Gosh, I feel so dizzy now blogging from my little iPhone baby.

I had a great weekend. Despite doing some photo editing, I was relaxing at home 90% of the time. Hahaha. Oh, and helped mom with the dumplings yesterday. My goodness! They taste so heavenly! It’s been so long we didn’t eat home-cooked dumplings. Even dad also made that little satisfying sound when he had it last night! Hahaha. He missed the taste of it too. Both mom and dad praised that I’m pretty good with the wrapping as none of those that I wrapped came off in the pot. But got 2 of them came off when mom put them out for cooling. Learned one more thing that I could cook in the future. Hahaha.

I guess the dumplings are quite tasty, even the cat also couldn’t resistand wanted to have a good bite! Mom hang the dumplings too near to the table at the kitchen area, guessed the cat jumped up to the table and got one of the dumplings. One corner of that dumpling got bitten off by that cat!

Now I have one big bag of dumplings with me for my friends and colleagues. Don’t know if they like it. Well, things that I feel is nice, others may not feel nice at all.

Mom fell sick again after a tiring weekend. Sigh……

It’s Monday tomorrow! I am having the Monday blues already.

Even daddy helped out. He looks a bit funny here though. Hahaha.

Mom working hard in the kitchen!

All done!

Yummy yummy!


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