Lovely Blog???

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it! I was reading a Vivian‘s blog and I saw that she named my blog in her sweet little game called “Lovely Blog Award”! Gosh…… I almost fell from my chair. *Sweats*

I do not for a mili-second think that I deserve the title of “lovely blog”, what’s more it’s an award! LOL!

Shall I or shall I not break the chain of it? The rules say that I have to accept it and blog about it and then name another 15 blogs for this award, and…… I have to inform that person about the award. Geez…… I guess you know me better, being such a lazy-bone, I’m gonna have to pass this. LOL! You already know what blogs I am reading by looking at my blog-list on the right. I dare say those are definitely nice and lovely blogs to read. So, why the hassle to name them all over again. Hahahaha. Sorry Vivian, that I disappoint you. :P Anyway, thank you. I am honoured being awarded. Hehehe.

P/S: Just right before I published this post, I saw another Vivian also joined in the award giving thing! *Faints* Thank you my dear. You all are really my sweethearts. Hahahaha.

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