A Day Filled With Too Much Of Laughters

Today went out with a few girl friends. Didn’t plan to bring my camera, but what for to keep it at home? Hence I decided to take it with me.

Before we hit KLCC for lunchie and shopping, I went to Cheras with Wan Yi to see the chinese traditional doctor, sin seh. Gosh…… I really need to take good care of my body.

We had KFC for lunch! Hahaha. The new recipe is so spicy! Mel bought something in MNG, but Wan Yi and I didn’t get anything. Good for us. Hehehe. 3 of us were window shopping until we got so tired and thirsty. We went to Coffee Bean to rest. (OMG! I couldn’t believe that I wrote Starbucks! Thank you Melissa for pointing that out. Haha!)

After KLCC, Wan Yi’s husband came to fetch us and we went to Jalan Alor for dinner. Geez, Jalan Alor is definitely not a place for local people to have dinner. It is so commercialised now and it is so expensive. With that kind of price you could easily find other good food in town. The food we had was so-so. However, lunch in Jalan Alor is different. Been there few times for lunch, the price is reasonable and the food is good!

Really gotta thank Wan Yi and her husband, for fetching and sending me home! And the great time! Hahahaha…… I laughed so much the whole night during the dinner!

Triple decker chocolate cheesecake, Coffee Bean.

Orange poppy seed cake.

Wan Yi’s friend.

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