Well Rested Sunday

Today I woke up around 11am. Saw a missed call from a friend. It was about his wedding photos that he needs some help in the printing layout. My next task/assignment, design the album for him! Gosh…… I feel honoured and pressured too. Honoured as he trusts my taste, pressured as I’m worrying he may not like what I do for him. Anyway, I’ll just have to do my very best.

It was so boring, told Andrew that I wanted to go out instead of staying home and sweat. We went to KLCC. That’s the nearest shopping complex. Wanted to watch Night At the Museum 2, but Andrew suddenly just didn’t feel like to watch. MEN!!! Sometimes they changed their mind even faster than the beating of the heart! After having our lunch in Little Penang, we were wandering around and window shopping. My dearest other half went to Esprit checked out his favorite pants. To his disappointment, no sale on the one that he likes! LOL! We were there for like 2 hours then we decided to go home.

I was so sleepy when we got home. I just slept the moment my head hit the pillow! For almost 4 hours!!! It’s been a long time I didn’t take afternoon nap. I wonder why I was so sleepy today that I found it so hard to keep my eyes opened. Woke up around 9.30pm, Andrew was watching TV. Went to have our late dinner at the Mamak stall.

Now I am all wide awake! Geez, tomorrow is Monday. I must catch some sleep now.

I got my iPhone OS3.0 CD from Maxis today. Perhaps it’s been in the mailbox for a few days, Andrew just got to check the mails today. I’d say quite a prompt service they have got. Anyway, I’ve already downloaded the new OS3.0 from the iTunes. Guess I’ll just keep the CD for backup or as some memorable souvenir. Haha. As for the review on the new OS3.0, I’ll save it for later post. :)
The iPhone OS3.0 CD installer mailed by Maxis.

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