Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Drag Me To Hell

The movie was GREAT! LOL! It was more disgusting than scary. Most of the time the audience in the cinema laughed instead of screaming. I did scream, “eeeeee… so disgusting!!!”

Vivian was sitting beside me, at one point of time, she was laughing so loud and hysterically. And I couldn’t control myself too, I think I beat her arm for few times. Hahahahaha!!! I was basically holding on to my jacket throughout. Hehehe.

Overall, it was good. Though it’s funny in some way, it’s still something worth to watch. I bet you can’t get those scary effect if you watch it at home, those sound effects could really get you in the mood and scare the hell out of you. Hahaha.

After the movie, it was almost 9pm, we decided to go for dinner. Felt a teeny bit of sorry for Andrew that he had to stay home and had dinner alone. He worked half a day and took medical leave, diarrhea and all. Hahaha. 50% sick, 50% lazy. LOL!

Wan Yi’s friend, Jimmy suggested Madam Kwan. He said something like this, “there’s a restaurant here, got an Auntie inside one……” Vivian was the one who understand that, “Madam Kwan”. Geez…… Restaurant Madam Kwan has become auntie restaurant! But too bad that Madam Kwan was full and there were still people queuing for it. We then changed to Little Penang. In fact, I just had Little Penang on last Sunday. Hahaha. I don’t mind though.

The dinner was “disaster”. We talked, we laughed, we ate…… Hahahaha… Anyway, it was fun.
Had our dinner in Little Penang, KLCC.
Vivian aka Miumiu

Hmm…… Luckily the movie wasn’t really that scary. When I got home, I totally forgot about the scary parts and only remember those funny and disgusting ones. :P

Andrew was watching TV, there was a movie on too, “Be Cool”, starring John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Steven Tyler and a few other famous actors and singers. Kind of a cool movie. I dozed off at the end of the movie! 12.30am Andrew came back from his supper, rushed me to shower and sleep! Hahahaha.

Geez… I am so sleepy now……

P/S: Mom is still sick. Dad called me yesterday and I could hear all the worries and concerns in his voice. Sent her to several doctors, even specialist and blood test, all came back with nothing, she is fine. But just that she always feels sick, couldn’t eat well and sleep, headache, dizziness…… Sigh…… Going back home again this Saturday. Since Andrew couldn’t take leave and next week we’re going back to KT, we decided to go back to my hometown on Saturday night. I just want to see mom.


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