Portraits for Pets???

Went to meet Christine last Saturday, needed me to take some simple photos of her maternity-wear shop located in Tropicana Medical Centre, and also some “portraits” for her cute little doggie, Fanshih.

I am quite afraid of dogs, but I do love dogs. It’s just I’m always worrying that they may bite or claw at me. Mind you, Fanshih is so different! The moment she got in the car, she was like running in between me and Christine, looking out of the window. She is so adorable! That was my first time got so close with dog!!! LOL!

When we got into the house, gosh, she is so hyper-active! She just wouldn’t stop running around. Hahaha. Especially when she saw my camera. She’s not camera-shy at all, she is just so aware of the camera and sometimes she would just run away from me. Hahaha.

Here are some photos of her. Sorry that there isn’t any music for the slideshow, as some of you are aware, the copyright thingy.

Click on the thumbnail to see the photos.


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