Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Hectic Satisfied Weekend

Went back to Kuala Terengganu on last Thursday night. 6 hours of journey in the car, no kidding. That was with smooth traffic. Came back yesterday, started our journey at 4pm. Guess what, I only got home at 12.30am!!! The traffic was ok all the way until Karak Highway. The jam was horrendous!!! Geez……

3 days in Terengganu, can you believe that I did not take a single photo with my DSLR?! First day we were at home, catching some sleep. Second day, breakfast with Andrew’s aunt and grandma then we were stuck in her house for the whole afternoon. I didn’t even have to chance to go to the beach. :( And those deep fried snacks that I was so craving for… Didn’t even get to smell it…… :(

I did have some durian though, mom-in-law kept asking me to eat, even brought it to my face. LOL! How could I resist the strong temptation. Hahaha. I didn’t have much though, I knew I was getting heaty and if I ate more, for sure I’d fall sick.

I am sorry again for not posing any photos for now. Please stay tuned, this July is going to be a month full of photos. :)


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