iPhone Review #3

3 months into using iPhone. Ashley, Ashley, are you getting bored with it already? LOL. No, hell no. I still love every bit of it. The applications, the games, the videos, the map, the internet…… All working so well. No regrets. About the myth that some people told me I’d ditch it after 2 months of using it, to me, that is just a myth.

I use iPhone for a lot of internet browsing. Checking the news, Youtube, blogging, Facebook-ing…… And with the new OS3.0, I can now do internet tethering!!! Did that when I was in Terengganu. The speed was ok since it’s on 3G.

The copy and paste function is awesome. Also I can forward SMS now. I have yet to try the MMS.

There is a new applications now, voice recording. The voice recorded is so crisp and clear!

Sad that I still can’t do video-recording. Sigh.

Someone told me, iPhone is very childish because she has seen some 16 year-old boy using it. LOL! And she has not seen teenagers using any BlackBerry. Hahaha. If the equation works that way, BlackBerry equals to an old-man’s phone? For Matured Adults Only. LOL. Also, someone told me iPhone is hell complicated to use and the settings are all so troublesome. Well… One man’s food could be another man’s poison, as the saying goes.

No doubt, iPhone looks cheeky, sleek and more fun. Picture this, a very successful business man with all the macho hunky features, holding a sleek black iPhone, touching it with his index finger. Hahahaha. Instead, he’s holding a black macho-like BlackBerry, pressing the buttons with his thumb. That looks way better.

Well, it all boils down to personal preferences again. If you hell love iPhone/BlackBerry, you’ll love it doesn’t matter if it goes well with your look. Am I right?

So, stop finding excuses for loving/hating that phone. You love it because you love it, and you hate it because you hate it. No excuse needed. ;)

Hey, when did my iPhone review became iPhone Vs. BlackBerry. Geez… I’m so off-topic!!!

Okay…… Back to iPhone. Now there’s a new iPhone 3GS. I have not seen one here. The look isn’t any different from the iPhone 3G, but 3GS can do video-recording, with 3MP camera. The speed is also supposed to be faster. If at all Maxis is going to get the 3GS, I bet Andrew is the next one owning iPhone. LOL!

That’s all for now.

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