Michael Is Now Gone, For Real.

Ever since after his death, I felt that everyone was living in denial of his death. All the events that followed, were more like dramas for the whole world to see. His autopsy, his toxicology report, his will, his children’s custodian, his burial service, his grave…… Everyone is so looking forward to see/read all that. Until his memorial service, we all just had to face the cold hard fact, that he is really gone. He is now only living in our memories, in our hearts.

Yesterday Andrew forwarded an email to me, inside it was full of photos from MJ’s memorial service. When I saw the photo where MJ’s daughter, Paris was being comforted by Janet Jackson, the emotions and the tears just hit me out of nowhere. Called me emotional or whatever. I am still feeling sad over his death. Why am I being so sad for some singer that I’ve never met before? I don’t know, don’t ask me. I’m not always like this, Heath Ledger died I didn’t feel this way. Princess Diana died I didn’t feel anything like this too.

We took MJ for granted. For all the years when he was still alive, all the news about him were of negativity. For most of the younger generations, those who are below 20 year-old or in their early twenties, would never bother to get to know more about Michael Jackson, about his songs, his materpieces…… My housemates for instance, they are all either 20 or 21. It is only after MJ’s death that they started talking about him, browsing all his videos through Youtube, listening to his songs…… There was once I caught one of them watching MJ’s concert on Youtube and his face was showing that he is in awed of MJ’s moves! I couldn’t help but laughed, thinking to myself, perhaps that was his first time seeing MJ’s moon walk. LOL! I wonder if my children in the future would appreciate how great MJ was.

Of all his greatest songs, I love this one the most. It has always been in my head and sometimes, it would just come to my mind with no reason. Especially for the past 2 weeks, it’s on my mind like almost every single day. Hahaha. Soak yourselves deep in the lyrics, you’ll sure understand what they all mean and appreciate the way MJ sang it, right from his heart.

Man In The Mirror ~ Michael Jackson

Don’t expect to see MJ in this music video, you’ll be disappointed. Click and you’ll know why.

The King of Pop is gone. But his name will always be remembered by all of us.

Hmm…… I wonder… If there are life in other planets, would they be listening to MJ and mourning his death too? LOL! I think too much.

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