Random #1

I do not know what to write. Hahaha. I was back at home with my family last weekend. I was so lazy that I did not go out and meet any of my friends. Brought my camera back, but it was sleeping in the bag and didn’t get to do what it is supposed to do. LOL! Can you believe that I did not take a single photo over the weekend?! That is something new to me, if not for you. :P

This week onwards, I wouldn’t get to rest over the weekend. I’ll either be doing photoshooting or having fun. LOL. July and August are going to be fun, fun, fun!

About my photography, I’m taking small and steady steps. Hopefully with the coming assignments, I could do better then.

iPhone 3GS is coming soon!!! I asked Andrew if he’d be getting it, he said nope. Hahahahaha. I wonder if Maxis would offer to the current iPhone owners a plan for trade-in like what they have in the States. LOL. Ashley, you gotta stop thinking that and stop spending!

News about Michael Jackson are still everywhere. His sister, Latoya, is now saying MJ was murdered. Gosh…… What’s next?

I still miss him though. Saw his HIStory concert while I was having dinner with Andrew last Sunday, in a Mamak restaurant. My jaws dropped open so wide when I saw him dancing. Dancing and singing were in his blood, no doubt about that. The way he moved was just amazing and so natural. MJ made dancing looks as easy as drinking water.

That reminds me of something. Gotta go grab some DVDs and CDs of MJ. Original of course. :) Andrew was joking that since he is now dead, there’s no reason to support his originals. LOL! What a good theory.

Going to KLCC tonight? To go or not to go??? Hmmm……

P.S: Why do I miss MJ so much? Geez……

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