Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Wednesday Blue

So, there I was, watching Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs with Phoebe. Didn’t have a good start in the morning, decided to go for a movie to give my mood a little lift.

Before the movie started, I went to Kinokuniya to grab some book. Sorry, not some book, wanted to buy the Tribute to Michael Jackson, Passion magazine. I was roaming around in the bookstore, wanting to buy some other book to reach my yearly quota. Hahaha. Yes, I am so going to spend RM1000 this year on books!!! So that I could get tax relief for that. LOL. Yeah, I’d rather spend extra on myself than paying extra for taxes. I’ve already paid enough! Imagine all the import taxes on all the books, clothes, cosmetics, skincare, and many more!!!

Hey, something caught my eyes in the bookstore. They are together with the stacks of “Twilight”. I’ve never seen that story book before. It’s called Night World. There are 3 of them, each of them with 3 stories inside. What’s more, it’s only RM29.90 for the first book!!!

With 2 books in hand, I went to the counter. I got 28% off the MJ book. I didn’t know that was considered a BOOK and not magazine. Anyway, happy that I got the discount. :)

Ok, enough with the books. Ice Age that is. It’s a great movie, I enjoyed watching it. But I guess my mind were somewhere else and I wasn’t paying full attention to the movie. There were a few times I realised everyone around me was laughing hysterically while I was not! And when I realised that, I literally faked it and forced myself to laugh with the rest. LOL. Of course there were times I really found it funny. I wonder what happened to me that night.

After the movie, while waiting for Andrew to come pick me up, I went to Isetan and sent my sterling silver necklace and pendant for polishing. Just when I thought I was feeling great after the movie, someone just had to upset it again. The new sales assistant obviously didn’t know the polishing process, ended up my white pearl has got a tint of purple. He didn’t even apologise to me, it was the other nice lady from the other counter who kept on apologising on his behalf. So the pendant was sent for servicing. :( Oh well, I shouldn’t get more upset over such small thing.

Anyway, I’m still happy that I got a new book to read. My short term goal now is, make myself lost in between the pages of all the books. I was joking to a friend, I am now “chasing” books. Hahaha. I never really know that reading can make one self suddenly feels so intellectual, now I am feeling it. I have 6 books waiting for me! Gosh, when did I buy so many?!


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