Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

An Urge That’s Gone Too Long

Well, it’s weird…… Something that is very strange about Ashley recently. I’m not sure if you guys noticed.

The last dress I bought was in May, until now I have not bought any clothes! And I hardly blog about shopping or hunting for clothes anymore. My shopaholic side has left me!!! Looking back, all I shop now is skincare, lens, books and food……

Is this a good thing? Suddenly I miss my impulsive shopping nature.

I should feel proud of myself, I managed to refrain myself from spending unnecessarily. Another reason being I do not have extra money to spend with. LOL!

But, I’m going to Singapore this weekend! Hahaha. 2 missions in Singapore. 1st is to visit our sweet Adeline since I haven’t seen her for almost a year!!! 2nd is to “shoot” her! Hahahahaha…… I’m feeling so excited about meeting and shooting her. It would be fun since she’s such a cheerful and bubbly lady. And I miss talking to her. She will go on and on and you’ll never feel bored around her. Hahaha. Ade, please don’t kill me. :P

I shall not spend too much in Singapore. Hopefully SGD200 is more than enough!

July is a busy month, then August is play time! Gathering with friends, a trip back to Terengganu and a trip to Redang…… I can’t wait!!!

Oh, not forgetting a pregnancy photoshoot with a lovely friend. :) She’s such an angel, a nice lady which I’ve never heard her cursing or saying bad words. LOL! Unlike me, I’m no angel. Hahahaha……

What? The urge? Oh damn…… See, I’m way off the topic again……


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