Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner


Few months back, when the A(H1N1) was spreading its wings of madness across Mexico and United States, none of us in Asia could be much bothered about it. Early of June, the wind has finally brought the fearsome evil to our region. Australia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia…… People started getting panicked, face masks in pharmacies were being wiped clean from the shelves. However, one month down the road, it seemed like the people here are no longer so concerned about it. Life goes on a usual. Seriously, I’ve been to Suria KLCC and cinemas a few times, no one seems to be so afraid of the virus now.

Another death case in Malaysia on Monday, the first local transmission death. The infected cases has gone to 1219. Still, none of us seems to be concerned!

H1N1 Getting Worse – The Star Online
Updated: 4th Death in Malaysia – The Star Online

Mom called me yesterday, telling me that father was scolding me why I went to Singapore at this time. LOL! Well, situation in Malaysia is bad enough, why are they only worrying when I was in Singapore? You see. I guess the news in Malaysia isn’t transparent enough. The people are getting the wrong signal that it is no big a deal.

You should be more aware of your surroundings from now on. This isn’t a small deal anymore. Please consult the doctor the moment you have coughs and sorethroat. Treating illnesses from an early stage is definitely way way way better than treating it late! Eat healthily, have enough of sleep, try to avoid crowded places if possible, or wear a mask……

Hmm…… I shall make lesser trips to shopping mall, guess I shall cut all the movie trips too. :(

Now I have one more excuse to ask Andrew to fetch me home after work, taking that crowded train isn’t “safe”. Hahahaha. Shall buy a box of mask, just in case.

Well, Andrew and I are going to take the flight back to KT 2 weeks later, guess we shall wear a mask then. Better safe than sorry! And, we must be social responsible!

Updated: With the 4th death and more schools closed and more infected cases, people, you ought to take this seriously. It’s no longer as harmless and simple as we thought.


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