Love, Laughters, Sweat

Today is a day that made me all energised again. We ate, talked, laughed, screamed, played, joked, took photos, sweat…… All that we could do in probably several days, we did it all in one day! LOL!

I can’t remember if Nicole invited us over, or it was one of our little evil ideas (okay, we have many BIG evil ideas :)) just to crash her house and made her worked her ass off to cook for us. Hahahaha. She has been headache for 2 weeks on what to cook for us and if we would like it. Awww… Nicole, Nicole… Your worries were all for nothing. :) The food was delicious!

After buying some Coca-cola from 7-Eleven, went to Wangsa Maju LRT station to pick up Melissa and off we went to Nicole’s house. There was some minor traffic jam on the road, but we got there around 12.30pm. Wan Yi came late, at about 1pm.

Nicole had made us a dozen of double chocolate muffins! Yes, you read me right, a dozen for 5 of us, including her kind self. There was a dozen of strawberry chicken wings!!! And, the divine of the day, potato/ham gratin!!! When Melissa, Vivian and I got there first, the gratin was still in the oven. Nicole said there was too much of cream and it was watery. But when it was done, it wasn’t. With the extra cream and milk, Melissa happily sucked all of them! LOL! Alright, not all, but much of it. Hehehe. The gratin was super yummy, with the ham and cheese…… Ooohhh…… There wasn’t any single drop of cream spared on my plate! Hahahaha. The strawberry chicken was unique. With a teeny tinge of sourness, it didn’t spoil the taste of the chicken wings. The double chocolate muffins!!! How could I miss that! I was the first to grab one and put it in my mouth! Hahahaha. It’s even better than those muffins from Coffee Bean or Starbucks.

After having a hearty, filling and satisfying meal with a big grin on all of our faces, we headed straight for the Wii!!! Yes, it was Wii time! So funny to see Wan Yi having all sorts of expressions again. She has never failed to demonstrate to us how her face can be contorted into so many funny ways! Hahahaha.

We had a great time playing and laughing our heads off!!! After a while, I noticed Melissa and Vivian, who weren’t playing, were having their very own photoshooting session right at the balcony area with my camera! LOL! And then Vivian suggested to go down to the facilities floor to have some outdoor photoshooting session.

Vivian left around 4pm, but the 3 of us continued our Wii session. Melissa wasn’t playing at all. Hmm…… I wonder if she doesn’t like to play or she simply wanted to enjoy seeing our funny reactions! Hahaha. Every great party has to come to an end.

Melissa then left around 5.30pm. Wan Yi and I now had the whole Wii to ourselves, with Nicole sitting and watching! :D Both of my arms are aching now after all the violent shaking from playing Wii! Hahaha.

A super-duper BIG thank-you to Nicole, for cooking such a nice and wonderful meal for us. I know you’ve made a lot of efforts in cooking something that we all would like. Thanks.

I forgot to mention that, Nicole has got a very homey house. She has always mentioned that it’s her 狗兜 (doggie house, similar to a small humble hut). If that is a doggie house, it sure hell is a damn big house! LOL! It’s not small at all, not even close to messy, it is so clean and comfortable. Wish I could have a home like that in the future.

Here’s some photos, to feed your hungry eyes. More to come later tomorrow.

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