Toy Car

Last night after work, Andrew came to pick me up and we were going to have dinner together with his father. Yes, his father is in town.

Since Andrew wanted to go get some contact lens for our Redang trip next week, so we went to Mid Valley Megamall. When we were in the parking basement, Andrew saw something but I didn’t. “I’ll show you the car”, he said. I thought he was going to show me some cool sports car, as usual he only has eyes for nice super cars.

Ta Da!!! There we were looking at this car!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! I was simply “OMG OMG OMG” all the way!!! With my jaw dropped open in awe and I was studying the car, I took out my iPhone and snapped photos!!! I wish I had my Canon with me!!! This is such a rare find!!! Okay, I know I used a lot of exclamation marks here! Hahaha. But this is just simply awesome and unbelievable!!! LOL! Pardon me.

Alright, now you guys have a good look at this car. I do not claim ownership of this car, neither does Andrew. I swear I did not use Photoshop to add in those cutie figurines, except the watermark and I covered the car plate number. The figurines are where they are when I saw the car. If you know the owner, please let me know. Or perhaps you have seen this car before. But honestly, this is my first time seeing a car with those things!!! Hahahaha.

Look at this!!!

This is the whole back!!!

There are figurines inside the car too!!!

The front. Gosh, they’re everywhere!

This is the left side of the car! On the step!!!

2 thoughts on “Toy Car”

  1. I saw this crazy car the other day along the federal highway in front of RTM there. It must be heading to MV loh. hahhahaha.. so amazed!

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