Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Here Comes The Joes!!!

Saw the movie trailer, thought it was cool. I knew I just gotta watch it. But I was thinking, a movie that’s full of computer graphics and effects, it may make it less of the human factor and therefore less interesting. Obviously I was wrong. :)

With all the people that could fly and run like superman, it makes me realised that in this world, we do not need superman anymore. All we need is the new advanced technology that could give us all sorts of superpower weapons. With that, anyone with proper training could be a superman.

G.I. Joe, the American’s heroes. When everything fails, they don’t.

I remember watching the cartoon version of G.I. Joe when I was a kid, with my cousin. He loved it, but I didn’t. Just that we were sharing the TV, I’ve got no choice but to watch what he wanted to watch sometimes. :) Saw some figurines that my cousin got too, they were so tiny. Girls being girls, those soldier-like figurines didn’t attract me at all. LOL!

This movie, I must say I am speechless after the movie. It wasn’t because the movie was too great, it’s just that I’m in awe of the effects and technologies. All those weapons in the movie, I believe one day we could see it in the real world too. However, there are a few things in the movie that is kind of like unreasonable and exaggerated.

I like the movie, I love it. Don’t ask me the cast of the movie, I don’t know much about them except for Dennis Quaid. I’ve seen Channing Tatum in some movie before, but just can’t recall which movie in particular. Sienna Miller is beautiful as ever. :)

I’m going to watch this movie for second time. Just simply want to take a good look at those weapons again. Hahahaha.


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