Singapore Escapade

I’m so sorry that I posted this Singapore trip up so late! I went Singapore before Redang but I posted this after my Redang trip. Gosh…… Here it is.

It was a trip that I planned long time ago, to visit Adeline in Singapore. If you do not know just who Adeline is, click here for her blog. She married to a Singaporean last year and has been living her adventurous life there ever since. LOL! Ady, please don’t kill me after reading this. :P

The plan was to have a photoshoot session with her, but due to some other factors, the photoshoot didn’t materialise. Well, it’s okay, I bet there’s going to be more Singapore trips from now on since she’s getting her own house very soon. :)

This is actually my second trip to Singapore. My first was almost 3 years ago, with Andrew. Spent 7 days there in his auntie’s house. :P

I was in fact going together with Wan Yi, her husband and her boss’ family. Her boss Mr. Lew (I’m not sure if I got the name correct) has got a beautiful daughter!!! She is only 8 months old, yet she is a laughing-baby!!! She just loves to smile and laugh.

When we were outside of the Ion, we saw this RED man!!! Yes, we have yellow man in Malaysia, and now they have red man in Singapore! LOL! They are from SingTel, a telecommunication giant in Singapore. Okay, I guess having too much of soup and sandwiches could get you go a little bit of crazy. I couldn’t believe I suggested taking a photo with those RED men!!! Hell, now they were pushing me to go first! There I was, with Adeline, standing with 3 other red men. Hey!!! I was wearing red too!!!

When we reached Atria, we went to have our proper lunch in MOS burger. Geez, can you believe that I was craving for it like 3 years?! This time, I had the ebi rice burger instead of unagi since I’ve tried it before. Oh gosh… It was so yummy!!! Geez… I’m drooling now……

After 4 hours of shop and walk, Ade’s husband came to join us too! Well, to find a seat in the restaurants at such hour was disaster. Most of them were full with long queue outside! So, we went to Haagen Daaz to have an ice-cream treat. Ooohhhh…… I felt so sinful! LOL! Adeline and her husband are so funny! 2 of them are definitely made for each other, so funny and full of jokes.

We went separate ways after the sinful treat, by Adeline’s husband. He insisted on picking up the tap. Well, let him be the man then for this time. Hahaha.

The next morning, all of us woke up late, around 10am. Then we went to Ya Kun Kaya Toast in Lot 1 for breakfast. The soft-boiled eggs are so delicious!!! The eggs are so huge! What a satisfying breakfast. I bought some Giordano clothes there, for Andrew and myself. :) Wan Yi then brought all of us to the IMM mall. It actually has more of household items, but with one floor of the mall full of boutiques and food!

3 of us decided not to go for proper and filling lunch, instead we went for snacks and sharing the food together so that we could try more food! Hahahaha…… First thing we tried was this Istanbul Kebab, with 2 hunky macho men selling at the stall!!! LOL! Yes, that 2 Turkish men are definitely charming. We bought the beef kebab, and gosh, it was super delicious. I didn’t expect it to be so delicious! I’m not a beefeater, I eat beef occasionally. I would say that the kebab made me feel like eating it again and again!

After the kebab, we went on to have some oyster vermicelli at Shihlin Taiwan Street Snack. I have tried the one in KL, it tastes awful, or I would say yucky. But this one, is way better from the one in KL. See, once again it shows that the standard in Malaysia and Singapore could be so much different. Why is that? Do they think that Malaysian has a bad taste bud that we do not require such higher standard of food? Geez……

We went to Esprit outlet, I didn’t buy anything but Wan Yi bought a little dress for the baby princess and her husband bought a sweater which I think is cool. Hahaha. Well, we then had some ice-cream from Hokkaido Ice-cream. I had my favorite passion fruit.

We saw this wedding decorations shop and thought of buying a wedding gift for a friend. I saw this cute little pair of bride & groom decorative, but damn, the price is kind of steep for us. We had to give up the thought then. :(

Around 5pm we decided to go home and pack for the journey back to KL. Sigh…… Fun trip has finally come to the end. When we were back in Malaysia, we stopped in Yong Peng to have our dinner. The restaurant is previously being recommended by a local food show, famous for its Hok Chiew noodles. Well, the food isn’t bad, just that it’s a little too salty.

During the trip, I spent more on the clothes, because thanks to Mr. Lew who had actually paid for some of the food when we dined together. LOL! Also there were a few times Wan Yi paid for some of it. I am so lucky! Hahahahaha. Guess what? After all the spending and eating, I found out when I got home, that I still have SGD35 in my wallet! I was pretty surprised. I spent about SGD150 on clothes, and I only spent SGD17 on food!!! That is a new record for me!

Think I’ll be going to Singapore again and again…… Hahahaha…… Next I’m going to eat all I can rather than spend the money on the clothes. :P

Here’s the RED MEN!

The new Ion Shopping Complex

This is definitely NOT for sale!!! LOL!

LOL! Imitating Nicole’s pose in Seremban previously!!!

She’s the same like Wan Yi, so many facial expressions!!!

Here’s the little princess. She was so tired and bored.

All happy again after her meal. :)

Had our breakfast here.

The artwork from the children.

This is the hunky man I mentioned.

Oyster vermicelli from Shihlin.

Spotted this popcorn vending machine!!! Cool!

Baby princess is so cute!!!

One happy family.

Baby loves Coach!!! Gosh……

Superman hair style! LOL!

Had our dinner in Yong Peng. The food is nice, but a bit too salty.

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