Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner


Heard both a not-so-good and god-damn-good review from 2 friends on the movie.

I was in fact very interested in the movie when I saw its preview, so was Andrew. But we decided to watch it a bit later when the ticket is cheaper. :)

We went for District 9 last night. First 30 minutes of the movie, boring and disgusting. So much of talking that it bored us. I could see Andrew’s “boring” face. Then it was disgusting seeing those aliens and human puking or dying. In fact, there were many disgusting scenes, definitely not for those faint-hearted people. Besides, foul language is flying everywhere in the movie!!

The movie went on quite well, the way it evolved towards the end of the movie. I think all of us feels sympathy towards the lead actor, Wikus Van De Merwe (Sharlto Copley). I was puzzled how the hell that the alien can understand our language and we understand them. Again, think. The aliens have been on earth for 20 years, living with us. Definitely we would have gotten used to their language, even when we can’t speak theirs, we can understand. It works the same way when you live in a foreign place for 20 years. Don’t tell me you can’t understand that foreign language at all after 20 years.

It is indeed like one of my friends said, “the movie takes on a new different concept to portray the aliens”. The story is told in a documentary way. It is the different perspective and point of view that left me thinking, what if we lost our mother earth and we landed on other planet that’s having other life form than us? Will they treat us like how we treat the alien refugees in D-9? We call the other life form from other planet as aliens, we are equally aliens to them, aren’t we?

It is so often that we think aliens are intruders, bad, attackers…… Well, when we first put our footprints on the moon, when we first explored the planet Mars, didn’t that make us intruders too? We took the moon rock, we took the sand on Mars, aren’t we bad too? We could also be deemed as attackers too if there were other life forms out there.

We are just some creatures inhabit the mother earth which happens to be a small insignificant planet of the solar system which is only a small part of the whole universe. So people, please take good care of our earth. It is the one and only place we have. Do your part before we all become refugees on other planet.


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