Michael Is Still The Best

Michael Jackson’s burial is tomorrow. If Wan Yi didn’t tell me this afternoon, I wouldn’t have remembered.

For the whole month of August, NTV7 played his concerts and performances during all the Saturday nights. I only managed to watch one, the HIStory concert, which I have watched numerous times until I’ve lost count. Nevertheless, it is still great to watch.

From the shock of his death, to the realisation of he is truly gone, to the now he is going to be buried for good…… It has now ruled that MJ was indeed murdered. Negligence or not, MJ’s physician has caused great loss not just to the family, but to the whole world.

I still couldn’t believe all the accusations towards MJ on child sexual abuse. Look what he had done for the children. For someone who had done and contributed so much for the children in need and turned around and abused them?

Can time heal all wounds? Including this one that caused the whole world to grieve?

Michael Jackson was the best dancer and performer, and he will always remain as the best dancer and performer.

One video to remind ourselves, how much of effort MJ had put in to make this world a better place.

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