Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

The Final Destination

Few days ago Nicole was asking me if I could join her to the Malaysian Furniture & Furnishings Fair in KL Convention Centre. Since Andrew would have to work till 9pm and I would normally go to KLCC to wait for him, no harm going with her to take a look. She also asked if I would like to go for a movie after that. Final Destination 4 that is.

I’ve watched all the first 3 sequels of Final Destination. The 2nd sequel is my favorite. It’s interesting to see how those teenagers fought so hard to live, for a second chance. But the new FD4 is a disappointment. Read what the critics have to say about it. The trailer looks damn good! But the movie… Sigh……

In FD4, the people are basically trying too hard to break the chain to stay alive. The actors do not have any characteristics at all. I can only identify them as, the lead actor Nick that can’t act, the lead actress Lori that tried too hard to look pretty, Janet the ostrich that is too over-the-top and the hunky Hunt. Things happened so fast that there isn’t time to look at the characters in details before they died tragically and exaggeratedly. Unlike in FD2, all characters are being played pretty well and organised.

Also, the way those people died, give me a break. They’re only disgusting, other than disgusting, I couldn’t find any other word for it. Oh yes, there is another one, exaggerating. The plot for their deaths, some of them are indeed pretty lame. LOL.

Okay, at least there is one good thing. The consequences of when things go wrong at the wrong time and wrong place, that is more logical than the other 3 sequels. You don’t see death god playing a big part in FD4, no creepy scenes with chilly winds. They are pretty logic that things could go awfully wrong when you least expected it and that’s how accidents happen.

Anyway, just my two cents of thoughts. Enjoy the movie.


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