Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

To Blog or Not To Blog?

I want to write, I love writing. Over the past one year, writing/blogging has helped me looked at things at a different way and learned. I’ve done some soul searching after I put my feelings down in words, I would let my thoughts settled after I wrote them. This is the reason why I love blogging/writing. I finally found a channel to release my feelings.

In fact I’ve written something else in this paragraph. I deleted them, again. See, it once again proved that putting my thoughts into words indeed make me think better and act better.

Someone has asked me, if I were writing my personal life, why would I want to share it in my blog, share it with the world? A lot of people out there are trying very hard to have their own privacy, yet I am exposing myself and making myself vulnerable to the cruelty of this world. I have no answer for it. Is it because of that pure vanity of mine wanting to show off? Or do I simply just want to have a blog since it’s another trendy thing to do? I don’t know. Well, perhaps there’s a little of showing off there. Can someone tell me???

Shall I continue writing/blogging? Shall I make my blog private and only share my photography works?


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