Happy Ending

I was pretty upset and pissed last night. I’ve noticed it a while ago, didn’t really get bothered by it. Well, after all, everyone could improve. But gradually, I realised it was more than just improving. We learn something, we understand it, we improve on it, we practise it. We’re adults, we don’t copy like what children do during their learning process. However, what I have seen was an adult practically copying like how children do.

Been telling myself to look at it positively. But the feeling was so overwhelming that I just felt helpless and disappointed. Andrew has told me to stop blogging, another friend on the other hand told me not to give up, as there’s no second Ashley in the world, everyone is unique. Yes, I did say that before, everyone is unique. But seeing what has been my style and way has become others’, I just couldn’t help but felt disturbed inside.

Perhaps someone just couldn’t understand the meaning of “unique”, perhaps like what a friend mentioned, they got no substance so they copied.

After giving it some serious thought, why shall I make myself difficult, getting all upset and disturbed by someone that probably purely is admiring me? Yeah, they said I’m good and people out there is simply just admiring and copying my style. LOL! That made me feel even more vain.

Thanks to my friends, they’re really angels sent from above that could really make you feel good about yourself.

I seriously love blogging. Call me vain or showing-off. Who cares? I have a bunch of friends that care, and that is more than enough. Enough to make me pick up my faith once again and move on.

P.S: There is one thing which others would not be able to copy from me. My experience, my feelings, my thoughts and my life. They’re all what make this blog. And I am very proud to say, that I write in my own way and I have my way of writing. And, I AM NOT ASHAMED OF IT!

3 thoughts on “Happy Ending”

  1. plz dont stop blogging, ash.. as i like to read ur blog.. :D No kidding. i like the way u blog and sharing.. Dont give up ya and there is no time to bother what others say, OK?

  2. Ah Ash….當發雞盲﹐看不見﹐看不見….Just keep on blogging, there is no need for you to stop blog (u like it, u know tat) bcos of tat kind of ppl, not worthy ga…

  3. Thank you for ur encouragement, friends! I really need that. Yeah, i shouldn’t give up. Guess you’ll still be seeing my blog. Hahhahahaa….

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