Him, Again.

I think this is my 5th post about Michael Jackson. I know I never blogged about him while he was alive, and to blog about him now may only make me looking as if following the trend and news. Well, he IS now everywhere, on the TV, internet, news, music store, bookstore…… How can one-self not think of him when practically we are surrounded by him? Before this, when he was alive, the world had never been surrounded by this much of Michael Jackson. Don’t you agree? Not even when he was involved in all the accusations and having his concerts.

MJ’s most anticipated “This Is It” video, is coming soon. It’s a video all about his rehearsals on his never-get-to-do-it concert. Finally, we will get to see Michael Jackson performing on the stage for one last time.

Since he was an idol, I’ve never met him and I would never meet him now, he has always been in my heart and mind, he will always stay in my heart. In fact, him being dead doesn’t really change anything, except that no more “new” news and songs from him in the future. No more live performances. Oh yes, how could I forget! His great contributions to the children and the world. With his death, no one could or would continue what he was doing. That would change a lot of things. How sad. Guess most of the parents now would be begging for MJ to be alive instead of cursing him and calling him names that he had never deserved.

Enough of Michael. Now I am waiting impatiently for his video. Saw the trailer of it, awesome! His dance moves are unbeatable! You rock the world, Michael!

P.S: “Man In The Mirror” just can’t stop playing in my head! Weird……

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