Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Lost And Found

This morning, saw a friend posted a photo in Facebook. I was so curious and yet excited. Dan Brown has got new book???

Just so that if you don’t already know Dan Brown, he is the author of the famous “The Da Vinci Code” and “Angels & Demons”, which have become the big movies in cinema.

I am a fan of his after his publication of The Da Vinci Code. Love the little riddles in the book and how things are all intertwined with one another. That’s the beginning of it. After The Da Vinci Code, I bought Angels & Demons. Again, I fell in love with the riddles and symbols, and the Illuminati. Finished that, I thought I’d take a break from all the Dan Brown stories and imaginations. But I missed his stories so much! I bought the Digital Fortress and Deception Point! Geez…… Guess what? After reading Deception Point,  that has become my favorite of them 4. You just can’t praise enough of how brilliant Dan Brown is to come up with such plot! LOL!

Everytime I went to the bookstore, I would definitely go check him out if he has any new book. And everytime I was disappointed. Come on, 4 books and you aren’t writing anymore? 5 0r 6 years after the last book and no more? Gosh…… So sad……

Then, now we have The Lost Symbol!!! And it’s the Robert Langdon series!!! I gotta grab it! My gosh, it is only available in hard cover. I don’t usually buy hard cover book as I don’t find the need of having hard cover for a novel, and it’s more expensive. But for this time, I was just going to break free from my own traditions. Hahaha. I bought it! My first hard cover novel (yes, seriously it’s my first, except that Jamie Oliver hard cover cook book). I just couldn’t wait for the paperback, I want to read it now. All right, for this long weekend, it’s just going to be Dan Brown, Robert Langdon and ME. Hahahaha……

Okay, enough of Dan Brown. I’m sorry if I was babbling. :P I’ll tell you later if The Lost Symbol worths all the attention of mine. LOL.

Finally I could upload photo to WordPress. The hard cover book costs RM99.90, but currently Kinokuniya is having a 30% discount on the book, with purchase of any other value of book/magazine! If you want it, go grab it now!



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