Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Melissa & Alex 19 Sept 2009

Last night, I was nervous for Melissa, the soon-to-be bride. Why? Because she was having difficulty with her slideshow, it just seemed that she couldn’t convert it into DVD format. Wan Yi and I had spent the night the try to solve it for her too. Hahahahaha…… Luckily this morning she SMSed us that she finally settled it and it’s working good. Phew! I didn’t realise that I worried so much and I was having this nervousness until this very morning.

Since I had a late night, woke up late today, 12pm!!! LOL! Got up, did some facial mask, iron Andrew’s shirt, Facebook-ing for a while, shower, body scrub, make-up, dress up, styled my hair…… Geez… It was then 5pm! I was all ready waiting for Wan Yi to come pick us up, but she was late. Luckily the journey to Seremban was pretty smooth.

Got there at 7.30pm. Melissa looks so so so beautiful! Gave her a big bear hug. Hahahaha…… It’s fun and nice to see all the familiar faces again, Christine, Samantha, Berry and Nicole were already there with their husbands. So much fun we had running between 2 tables taking photos. LOL! We were so crazy doing all the crazy things, talking all the silly talks, and we laughed so much and loud! Hahaha……

Finally, time to say goodbye. Promised to give Melissa a big “tight” hug… Hehehe… Felt my eyes tingling. I have always felt emotional attending friends’ wedding reception. Don’t know why.

May Melissa & Alex live happily ever after. :)






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