Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Mission Accomplished

Earlier on, I believe those who have followed my blog would know that I’ve helped a friend with his wedding photography. After given him the whole bunch of edited photos, he then requested if I could help him with printing of the album. I’ve mentioned to him earlier about this Photobook Malaysia. Having all the photos printed in 4R size and put into a photo album, why not make a photobook? I felt honoured again that he appreciate my ideas and asked for my help again.

I was working on the photos layout using “My Photo Books” software, downloaded from the Photobook Malaysia website. The nightmare began when I realised there were too many photos with too little pages to fill in!!! 282 photos in 40 pages??? Additional page is at RM12.80 per page!!! That is insane! Anway, I went ahead with it. Then, I got another photobook printer from Christine. What a life-saver!!! She recommended EcazStudios to me, which offers similar quality to Photobook, but at a much lower price. RM369 for 11″ x 8.5″ hardcover book with 100 pages!!! But then, there’s a small catch. Either you layout your photos using Photoshop, OR iPhoto. The latter is a software which is ONLY available in all Apple’s computers. The PDF file I saved from Photobook, is watermarked as “proof”. There’s no way I could use that for printing. It’s either I use Photoshop to lay them out once again, or I go to the Apple store using their computer there and then.

It was a bit troublesome for me. But since I have promised my friend, I’d have to keep to my promise. After dragging it for so long, today I finally finished everything in Apple store in KLCC. 2 and half hours standing there, no chair or stool for me. Yes, they let me stood and worked! Eventhough they provide good service, leaving me standing and working for more than 2 hours had kind of put me off. My lower back started to ache after 1 hour into standing. Andrew was in KLCC too with his cousins, they were having fun whilst I was working on the photos. Finally got it done and I could then join Andrew for the fun.

No fun it was! It was getting so crowded by the time I finished my lunch. Took some photos for the children, bought something for my sister and we headed back home.

Supposed to go to Klang for “bak kut teh”, but Andrew’s friend just had it this morning. So, he brought us to try some other specialty in Klang, fish soup in a pot. It’s nice, something unique that I’ve never tried before. It tastes a lil’ bit like the fish head noodles, but this is without the milk. I love soup. Hence, I love this. :) We couldn’t finish the soup, it’s served in a big pot!!! The pot is of the size of those steam boat pot, there was only 3 of us. But we managed to finish most of it. :D I shall go again since the soup is nice, probably with more friends.

Andrew’s cousins, also my cousins. :)


The yummy pork ribs in marmite.

The big pot of fish soup.



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