Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner


Yesterday, again Wan Yi came to pick me up around 4pm, she had made an appointment with the chinese sinsei in Cheras. I wonder how I could repay her enough for her kindness. I am very fortunate that I’ve always been surrounded by people who are willing to fetch and send me whenever needed. I have always told myself, always, that I will have to remember to do the same to others if I have the chance. It doesn’t mean that I have to repay to the same person who gave me a lift, it could be repaid to others who’s in need.

I am glad that the sinsei said that my health has improved a little bit. LOL! Yeah, just that teeny weeny bit. :) But still, that is an improvement. I shall continue to take good care of my body. After all, no one is responsible for my health except myself.

After seeing the sinsei, Wan Yi asked I have any place I’d like to go. Of course I didn’t expect to go anywhere other than visiting the sinsei and heading back home. She then made an impromptu suggestion of going to Ikea! Gosh…… Again, it’s kind enough of her to offer me a lift home afterwards. Okay, I must admit I couldn’t resist the temptation of Ikea-ing too! LOL! It’s been quite a while I hadn’t been to Ikea, more than half a year! We spent some time in finding the right and shorter way to go to Ikea from Cheras, nearly got lost. Luckily we made it. :)

Can’t believe we were having so much fun in Ikea too. Laughing all the way through, jokes, ideas, admirations, impressed with the designs…… We spent more than 2 hours in Ikea! I only bought a pair of brushes for bottles cleaning. LOL!

Everytime I go Ikea, there’s one thing that both Andrew and I must have. Of course I wouldn’t miss it too eventhough Andrew wasn’t with me. The ice-cream!!! It’s only RM1, and it is yummy! You don’t believe that a RM1 ice-cream would be available in such a place and yet it’s yummy? Go have one the next time you visit Ikea (it’s right opposite the check-out counters). :) The other thing that is nice in that lil’ cafe is the curry puff. But it’s quite expensive though, RM1 each. I bought 3 curry puff and the ice-cream. Yum yum!!! Wan Yi and her dearie husband got some hot dogs for themselves.

We headed to the car-park with our satisfied and filled tummies. Hahahaha! Wan Yi suggested again to have dinner together, in Klang!!! She was making me feeling oh-so-guilty to have her send me back home all the way from Klang and they’d have to go back Subang again. Luckily my knight in shining armor called just at the right time. :)

Andrew: Going dinner? Later I come Subang pick you up, don’t always let people send you home.
Me: Sure not???
Andrew: Yes LAHHHH!!! Either you wait for me or you ask her to send you back, you choose!

Hehehe… I am fortunate to have such an understanding husband too. So, I went to Klang with them without feeling that extra of guiltiness.  :) We went to Boston again. This time, the food was nicer. We waited 1 and a half hours for the food!!! People, if you do not have the patience, that is definitely a place you wouldn’t want to go despite of their good food.

Went to Wan Yi’s house to wait for Andrew. Watching TV, eating mooncakes…… Gosh… Meeting with Wan Yi would definitely make you feel guilty of yourself. I was practically eating all the time!!! She certainly knows how to keep your mouth busy and keep every corner of your tummy filled with nothing but food!!! LOL! Well, no one to blame but myself. She can’t force me to eat too if I could resist myself from eating. Hahahaha……

I reached home around 1.30am. What an unexpected day filled with fun! Thank God for giving me a bunch of good friends while taken away some bad ones from my life. LOL!

Photos time! (Photos taken using my iPhone, not of good quality I must say.)

The yummy ice-cream!

The hot dogs!

Steamed lala clams.

Deep fried crayfish with Nestum (oats).

Saw this huge bus was on tow on our way back to KL. Huge bus with small tow truck, incredible.


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